Hotpoint RFAA52P Fridge Freezer Review

The Hotpoint RFAA52P refrigerator is priced reasonable for a free standing fridge and freezer. You will have to defrost it occasionally. This can be a pain when you are trying to store you food. Many wonder if this inexpensive fridge will fit their needs. Does it keep food fresh so they can keep their nutrients? Read below for more information.


The power on the Hotpoint is poor and it has trouble keeping food fresh. There are models with much more power. The freezer is smaller than most cupboards and there is not much room to store food. This can be a problem for people that like to stock up on foods and cook them as they do.

For the size of this fridge it is rather expensive to run. This model uses a lot of power.

What is this fridge all about?

This fridge is inexpensive and has a fast freeze function that comes with most standard fridge models. Many people are attracted to this model by the cheap purchase price.

Is it good at chilling foods?

This fridge is okay at this task. The temperature stays even and is good at keeping the food cool even with changing temperatures in a room. While it is not the quickest fridge on the market it is not the slowest either. It runs just below average.

Can it freeze foods?

Not really. If you buy foods in bulk or cook homemade foods to store for later use this is not the fridge that you want. It only has 1.5kg of storage for fresh foods. This equals about a medium size chicken. This is on the small side for people that cook on the weekends and freeze these foods for weekday dinners and lunches.

How much food can it store?

The freezer has four drawers. While this bigger there is less space for the fridge. There is only 126 litres of fridge space and 71 litres of space for the freezer.

The basic model has some nice features. There is a door rack to keep items extra cold. The racks are deep and bottles or jars are less likely to tip and spill. There are also two crisper drawers so fruits and vegetables can be stored separately.

What else should I know?

Running this fridge is not the most expensive thing in your house but for the size it is rather expensive to run.

You will need to set the temperature on the thermostat because the fridge freezer thermostat is not accurate.

Should I purchase this fridge?

While the price may be attractive to be honest there are much better fridge freezers for you to spend your money on.

Pros: The food will stay safely chilled and frozen even when the temperature in the room changes. There are some options for storage and overall it runs pretty well.

Cons: The freezing power on this device is not so good. It is also expensive to run and operate. The thermostat reading is not always accurate. It has to be adjusted often to make sure the food stays fresh.

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